Solutions for Owners and Developers

Simplify and streamline development by consolidating and automating workflows and operations to one platform.


Clear oversight on project budgets and progress

Bid Management

Centralized platform with unlimited vendors and files

Change Orders

Maintain accountability to keep the project moving

Payment Applications

Seamless automations to expedite pay app processes

Insurance Tracking

Validate and keep track of all insurance certificates

Accounts Payable

Intuitive tools to stay on top of billing and draw requests


Prevent surprises with project cost forecasting

Lien Waivers

Tracker that makes sure every dollar spent is accounted for

Budgets & Bid Management

Start by soliciting bids, leveling, then awarding. Set your project budget and see how line items perform against original amounts.

Payment Applications & AR/AP

Unmatched capabilities that allow for multi-level payment applications. Reduce human error with automated draws from invoices and payment apps.

Change Orders & More

Credits, debits, contingencies, and allocations give the transparency of how budgets and line items perform and where money is going.

Insurance Tracking & More

Take it beyond day-to-day operations with more tools like insurance tracking, lien waiver reporting, vendor correspondence, and more.

Other Roles Using Jet.Build