JEL Developments

Commercial Developer Leverages Jet.Build's Digital HQ For Team Collaboration

The Challenge

JEL Developments- a commercial real estate development firm that focuses on scalable projects in multifamily, mixed-use, and build-to-suit projects throughout the southeastern United States- sought management technology to support the collaborative needs that exist in the construction and real estate development process. While building projects with scalability in mind, JEL also had internal, scalable, business management in mind.

How can JEL reduce manual processes, reduce chance of human error and redundancies, and increase efficiency and effectiveness across internal and external project-stakeholder teams?

The Solution

For JEL Developments, the answer was very simple, it was Jet.Build. As a boutique firm, it was critical for JEL to find a solution that leveraged its resources to grow with scalability as its one of its core foundations. Having a platform by which it could manage key processes, construction schedules, budgets, and communications aids significantly in that. Jet.Build is a system that maximizes efficiency and provides a clear vision of operational improvements.

A single platform that can be leveraged for all project needs, across multi-company teams; a real estate development digital HQ. JEL Developments was aware that in order to continue producing their diverse portfolio of commercial projects, they'd need to find a scalable management solution. JEL found Jet.Build, and quickly experienced internal and external management sustainability, matching their data-driven real estate development business-values. With Jet.Build, JEL began producing more efficient project progress by leveraging Jet-features, from organized communication and approvals of submittals and RFIs, to streamlined payment applications, to single source of truth drawing and file sharing, and more. The project transparency and accountability that the Jet.Build solution provides, empowered JEL toward a scalable internal and external business management operation.

The Result

Building With a Collaborative Real Estate Development Digital HQ

Providing a platform for all project-related teams to collaborate with immediately resolves information gaps that are otherwise prevalent in the real estate development construction process. With Jet.Build's single source of truth Digital HQ, teams no longer hold confusion regarding their respective work schedule, or how and when other trades impact one another: contractor trades are assigned workflows that are tied to Gantt scheduling, with transparent visibility for all project trades and teams, ensuring that each trades-person has a clear understanding of when their project-site work is due, when changes occur, and more!

Structured Organized Consistency

Communications, files sharing, project drawing updates, approvals, meetings, schedules, payment applications, and more, these features are consolidated, structured, organized and consistent with Jet.Build's cloud-based management solution. Naturally, when internal and external teams collectively understand that processes funnel through the Jet.Build solution, potential for error and confusion is drastically reduced while efficiency and collaboration effectiveness is drastically increased. Moreover, with Jet.Build's organized structure, repetitive manual processes, like meeting minutes, are automated and saved in a consistent structured manner.

Data-Driven Management for Internal and External Business Operations

Cover your essential project workflow needs, add workflow assignments and transparency to your projects, realize data reporting capability, simplify and convert manual processes to automations: these Jet.Build solutions, among many more purpose-built Jet-features, enables management teams to function with efficiency and as a result, grow sustainably with data-collection, data-insights reporting, and data-driven decision-making.

Automate complex multi-organization, cross-channel, by providing the Jet.Build solution that enables teams with the ability for each user to quickly understand how their work impacts other teams, across the project. Jet.Build simplifies this complex process into a basic, essential, collaborative overview!

Building Developments With Institutional Approach, Southeast US Developer Seeks Data-Driven Management Model

Building commercial developments involves additional layers of complexity to an already challenging process, in real estate development and construction. Imagine creating tangible end-products, buildings, homes, and more, from a set of papers, now imagine delivering unique products! It's no 'chance' that the Jet.Build end-to-end project management and data-driven support software exists!

JEL Developments understood that in order to continue developing real estate projects, ranging from multifamily to hospitality, they'd need to develop a scalable business management model. Moreover, because real estate development involves multi-company team collaboration, the business management model would need to span across all relevant project teams for proper data-driven based collaboration, workflow, on-schedule and in-budget project delivery, and general business growth.

James Little, JEL Developments Founder and CEO, was eager to implement the solution that would enable the scalable data-driven business management operating model JEL was seeking: Jet.Build is their solution. James not only recognized an immediate internal efficiency increase with the JEL team leveraging the Jet.Build product, he also experienced quicker, more accurate, and more effective communication collaboration and responsiveness across the multi-company stakeholder teams on JEL's development projects.

Jet.Build has increased internal efficiency, and it's also improved the overall effectiveness of our project, across the multi-company stakeholders." Little says. "We are building a 30,000 square-foot mixed-use property in downtown Memphis where Jet.Build has provided a level of added-value that immediately proved to be above and beyond our past, pre-Jet.Build, management capabilities. To put it simple, the Jet.Build technology solution is a must in this industry.

Jet.Build proved to be the solution for JEL's needs of producing, and empowering, a holistic data-driven operation, efficient business operation and real estate development models.

Little empowered internal and external project stakeholder teams by implementing a company-wide and project-wide use of the Jet.Build cloud-based solution.

Jet.Build has allowed us to effectively communicate, assign responsibilities, and understand workflows with a level of oversight and transparency that we couldn’t have prior to Jet.Build." Little says. "No question, the external teams on our projects will end up adopting Jet.Build for their use outside JEL.

Little can now grow the JEL business with a holistic, scalable, data-driven business value-system, as a result of the JEL Developments and Jet.Build partnership!

The Digital HQ

As business operators, it's important to understand how to empower your teams with the necessary tools for success. The Jet.Build solution, a real estate development and construction- industry specific, digital HQ, provides operators with the necessary cloud-based solutions to deliver projects on-schedule and in-budget.

By consolidating project workflow essentials, the Jet.Build solution conforms the complexities of real estate development and construction and transforms the processes into a simplified, automated, collaborative processes. With a singular platform that bridges both multi-company communication channels and the office to project work-sites, the Jet.Build solution streamlines end-to-end project operations.

As JEL continues to leverage Jet.Build, manual- error prone- processes (finally) become 'a thing of the past'! Jet.Build technology is built for industry-specific support to solve real estate development and construction operational needs!

Compounding Jet-Power

The Jet.Build solution provides a compounding-power effect: easily migrate users, groups, data, budgets, gantt-schedules, files, and more across your real estate portfolio. Moreover, Jet.Build's internal search function empowers its users with the ability to find any data-point in a matter of seconds.

With real estate industry veterans as founders, Jet.Build was built for real use, based on real development projects.

JEL Developments knew that in order to embrace business sustainability, adopting a technology solution would be imperative toward achieving that goal; Jet.Build empowers JEL with scale-oriented business growth opportunity, while producing compounding support.

There tends to be friction with technology adoption in the real estate industry" Little says. "Once we saw Jet.Build's product demo, and chatted with the founders, we realized and experienced that the Jet.Build solution is built specifically to remove and resolve the friction!

JEL quickly embraced and leveraged the added value that the Jet.Build solution provides, particularly its organizational scalability across the cross-functional project stakeholder teams.

Jet.Build is a robust, yet simple to use, commercial grade cloud-based management solution built to operate as the necessary, essential, digital HQ for real estate development and construction.